London Jing Kun Opera Association closed on 31 March 2014.
Our artists can be reached via the email link on our Contact Us page.
Alternatively, please call Kathy Hall on 07711 654 663. Thank you!


Part of the work of promoting Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera will be continued by
the SOAS Jing Kun Chinese Opera Student Society and the Royal Holloway
Chinese Opera Society,
which are part of the University of London Chinese Opera Network:


To view the LJKOA 2002-2014: A Photographic Retrospective, please click on this link:


To read the LJKOA 12-Year Retrospective Report 2002-2014, please click on this
link: LJKOA 12-Year Retrospective Report 2002-2014.pdf

Who Are We?

The London Jing Kun Opera Association(LJKOA) is a not-for-profit society set up in March 2002 to support and promote the learning, appreciation, and practice of Jingju (Beijing/Peking Opera) and Kunqu (Kun Opera). LJKOA was incorporated as a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee in September 2007. It is the only organisation in the UK that promotes both Jingju and Kunqu Opera.


- Educational outreach
- Repertoire Development
- Performance Distribution

Services offered:

- Workshops for all levels on opera movements, voice, acting, music, percussion, face-painting, make-up and costuming
- Performances
- Classes
- 'An Actor Prepares' - Introductory talk-demonstration and performance, illustrated with Power Point slides
-‘ Towards understanding Beijing Opera/ Kunqu Opera’ –lecture-demonstration with slides
- 'China Day'
- 'Opera Day'
- Chinese New Year programme - opera, lion dance, music and crafts
- Costume hire

Board of Directors    
Dr Rachel Harris Chair
Dr Ping Hua Vice Chair
Mrs Yee-Fun Mak Lord Director

Executive Team    
Kathy Hall Chief Executive
Kevin Zhang Programme Officer
Jenny Yan Membership Officer
Suki Ma Assistant Membership Officer


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