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To see a sample of our workshop 'An Actor Prepares' - Performance and Talk-demonstration, please click on the link below:

'An Actor Prepares' - Performance and Talk-demonstration


LJKOA on BBC online news/magazine website –
‘Chinese Opera: The ‘rebirth’ of Kunqu’
(Images from ‘An Evening of Beijing and Kunqu Opera’, Purcell Room, Southbank, 21/7/2011 presented by Asian Music Circuit Chinese Season)


LJKOA final AGM 2014

Dr Rachel Harris, Chair;
Dr Ping Hua, Vice-Chair;
Mrs Yee Fun Mak Lord, Board Member;
and Mrs Kathy Hall, Chief Executive
 Some LJKOA members at the final AGM


Activities in February-March 2014

Kathy Hall teaching Music students, Royal Holloway University of London   Student, Jiawei Li, Kunqu opera, Maidstone, Kent
SOAS Jing Kun Chinese Opera Student Society Workshops
Left: Watersleeves with Kathy Hall
Right: Chinese music workshop with Ansheng Zhang and Ying Wan
(Photos: Siyu Guo)
Kunqu opera at SOAS book launch event
Left: Kathy Hall in The Foolish Dream
Right: Kunqu Ensemble (Paul Kendall, Ruard Absaroka, Jack Footitt and Ying Wan)
(Photos: Shzr Ee Tan)


LJKOA Members’ Final Concert, 7/12/2013
at Islington Chinese Association, London


Photos: Andreas Busch


LJKOA at MasterCard Priceless Nights at the V&A Chinese Masterpieces, 10/2013

Instrumental Ensemble and Kunqu Opera scene,
The Assassination of the Tiger General
, with the Kunqu Ensemble


Photos: Alistair Veryard


LJKOA 10th Anniversary Jingju and Kunqu Opera Gala, 10/2012

Rudolf Steiner Theatre, London NW1

i) Speech by Chair and Jingju Solo Singing


ii) Jingju Opera The Parting at the Kiln


iii) Kunqu Opera The Foolish Dream


Photos: Simon Richardson


LJKOA 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Part 1: March to September 2012
6 lecture-demonstrations, mini performances and workshops
Sponsored by
UK Research and Development Centre for Chinese Traditional Culture
Venue courtesy of
UK Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Piccadilly, London

(1) 23/3 Opening event - The Art of the Kunqu Opera Dan
Presenter: Kathy Hall with the LJKOA Kunqu Ensemble

Dean, UKCTC Chair, LJKOA    

Photos: Xiang Li

(2) 22/4 - Jingju and Kunqu Opera Percussion
Presenter: Ying Wan

Photos: Lang Xiao

(3) 13/5 The Four Great Dan Performers
Presenter: Jun Ai, with Gillian Simpson and Kathy Hall

Photos: Andreas Busch and Xiang Li

(4) 20/5 Jingju and Kunqu Open Mike for All
Presenters: Jun Ai and Kathy Hall

Photos: Andreas Busch

Photos: Xiang Li

(5) 24/6 Dan Make-up and Head-dressing
Presenter and make-up artist: Kathy Hall

Photos: Andreas Busch


(6) 16/9 Jingju Laosheng (Older Male role) Lecture-demonstration and Workshop
Presented by Kevin Zhang

Photos: Nancy Mok


LJKOA Kunqu Opera lecture-demonstration by Kathy Hall
Presented by UK Research and Development Centre
for Chinese Traditional Culture

at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, London, 11 December 2011


Photos: Lulu Langtree


LJKOA An Evening of Beijing and Kunqu Opera,
at Purcell Room, Southbank, 21 July 2011
Presented by Asian Music Circuit Chinese Season

The Heavenly Maiden Scatters Flowers (‘Tiannu Sanhua’)


The River Side Pavilion (‘Wangjiangting’)


The Assassination of the Tiger General (‘Cihu’)


Photos: Steve Franck


LJKOA Costumes Exhibition:
Enter Stage Right – Costumes from the Beijing Opera
- presented by the Asian Music Circuit at the Museum of Asian Music, London, June and July 2011


Photos: Jessica Hall


LJKOA Beijing and Kunqu Opera Gala, 7 April 2011, Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, SOAS

In Praise of Flowers (‘Biaohua’)

Photos: David Rowe

Photos: Guo Kunzhang

In Pursuit of the Dream (‘Xunmeng’)

Photos: David Rowe

At the Palace (‘Zuogong’)

Photos: David Rowe

Photos: Guo Kunzhang


Chinese New Year Celebration at Victoria and Albert Museum, Jan 2011, with LJKOA team


Photos: Xiang li


LJKOA at University of Sheffield Spring Concert Series, May 2010

Jingju Opera 'Parting at the Kiln' (2010 version)




Kunqu Opera 'In Pursuit of the Dream' with LJKOA Kunqu Opera Ensemble


Photos: Zhang Chengyong


LJKOA Kunqu Opera scenes at Tate Britain Family Activities, 10/2009



LJKOA 'Beijing Opera Spectacular', Waterfront Studio, Belfast, 6/2009

Sword Dance from 'The King bids Farewell to his Favourite Consort'


'The Heavenly Maiden Scatters Flowers' ('Tiannu Sanhua')


'The Parting at the Kiln' ('Pinggui Bieyao')


The musicians


Photos: Marcin Wilkowski and Ronnie Moore


LJKOA publicity photos 2011

In Pursuit of the Dream from The Peony Pavilion (‘Xunmeng’from‘Mudanting’)

Photos: Kelda Hole


LJKOA publicity photos for 2010 new production

At the Palace (Zuogong) from 4th Son Visits Mother (SilangTan Mu)

Photos: Liang Qin


LJKOA publicity photos for 2009 new productions

'In Praise of Flowers' from 'The Water-Seller'


'The King bids Farewell to his Favourite Consort' ('Bawang Bieji')


Kunqu Opera, 'The Foolish Dream' ('Chimeng') from 'The Broken Axe Mountain' ('Lankeshan')


Photos: Kelda Hole


LJKOA 'Parting at the Kiln' , Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House, 2/2007


Photos: Maaike Stevens


LJKOA Publicity Photos - 1/2007

'Parting at the Kiln' ('Pinggui Bieyao')


'Temple of the Mountain God' ('Shanshenmiao')


'The Drunken Imperial Concubine' ('Guifei Zuijiu')


Photos: Kelda Hole


LJKOA in Malta 21 - 23 March 2006
At the invitation of the Cultural Centre of the People's Republic of China in Malta, and Heritage Malta
In conjunction with the exhibition of 60 figurines 'Characters in Beijing Opera'

'Understanding Beijing Opera' - Talk-demonstration at the National Museum of Archaeology, Valleta


Workshop for Schools, St James' Cavalier Centre for Creativity


Special performance for the President of Malta and the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Malta at the China Cultural Centre

  With President of Malta and PRC Ambassador to Malta With PRC Counsellor
YJ Tang and CCC Programme Officer
Dr QB Li

Maltese Educational TV interview



Festival of the Voice 2006
LJKOA: Evocative Voices from China
Arthur Cotterell Theatre, Kingston College, 3/3/06

Kunqu Opera Scenes 'The Startling Dream' and 'In Pursuit of a Dream',
from 'The Peony Pavilion'


Photos: Yazid Missouri


'Il drago e il leone'
Il Carnevale del Teatro, La Biennale di Venezia
Venice, 23 - 28 February 2006

LJKOA Chinese Opera Make-up and Clownerie Workshops
Foyer of Goldoni Theatre, and Atrio Fonderie, Arsenale
23 - 28 February

LJKOA Make-up Team      

LJKOA performance of two fragments from the Kunqu Opera, 'The Peony Pavilion'
Corderie dell' Arsenale, 23 - 28 February

The Startling Dream (Jingmeng)


In Pursuit of A Dream (Xunmeng)

      Guest Book of the Phoenix Hotel for Artists

Photos: Jessica Hall


Jing and Kun Opera Performance
(The West Wing Arts Centre, Slough, November 2005)

The Drunken Imperial Concubine (Guifei Zuijiu)


The Startling Dream (Jingmeng) from The Peony Pavilion


Young Male Role Showcase (Xiaosheng Texie)


Pre-show Lecture-demonstration


Opera Orchestra and Ensemble Musicians

The Opera Orchestra Instrumental Ensemble

Photos: Jessica Hall, Jagroop Singh, Toby Evans


Kathy Hall –Churchill Fellow 2004
Kathy received the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Medallion from Her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace, June 2006
The 48 Group Club Honorary Member Award in recognition of ‘outstanding contribution to Sino-British relations’
Kathy received her award from H.E. Ambassador
Liu Xiaoming of the People’s Republic of China,
at the PRC Embassy in London, November 2010


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